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Select a premium rate

Select Rate Price / month Volume Duration Price (total)
Flat-M8.33 €2 GB / month3 months25 € / $35
Flat-L16.67 €5 GB / month3 months50 € / $70

I accept the terms and conditions of JonDos GmbH.

 For 'volume' rates, the specified volume is valid IN TOTAL for the run time. For 'flat' rates, the volume is newly available for each month of the run time.
 All payments are ONE-TIME payments (no subscriptions). Personal data are NOT collected. If you have no idea which rate to choose, try the rate "Volume-S" first.
  free services Premium services
Speed 30-50 kBit/s unlimited*
Available ports HTTP/HTTPS all**
Maximum number of users limited unlimited
Maximum file size for up- and downloads (HTTP) 2 MB unlimited
Number of different countries 2 2-3
Number of mixes (proxies) 2 3
Availability no guarantee 99%
SOCKS5 (may anonymize Java and Flash) No Yes
Costs free of charge from 5.00 €
*   more than 600 kBit/s guaranteed, usually available: 1.000 - 1.500 kBit/s
** SMTP (port 25) is blocked on all cascades because of spam misuses.

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Available billing methods

In our online help you may find hints for anonymous payments.

Method Personal data
possibly transferred
paysafecard €, $ -> - < 1 minute only Euro, US-Dollar
Bitcoin -> - 1-2 hours 1 BTC = 58000.0 € -> E-mail address 5-10 minutes Credit cards are accepted
Bank transfer your real name 1-3 days
Cash by mail* DNA, handwriting, finger­print, mail center location 2-7 days
Western Union** up to a weekYou have to pay the full transaction fees.
* Please note: Neither JonDos nor third parties are liable for money sent by mail.
   Do not send registered letters with reply advice.
** Payment by Western Union is possible only for 40 Euro and above.

Hints for user of JonDoFox

By default JonDoFox uses restrictive settings for security reasons. Some websites of payment processors require Javascript or use session cookies.

Method Requirements
PayPal ->

You have to enable Javascript and session cookies before you go on. Please open the website of Paypal in a new window and enable both.

paysafecard ->

You have to enable Javascript for the payment page of paysafecard before you go on.